Announcing New NESC Board Members

The selection of new NESC board members bears a direct relationship to the board development component of NESC’s strategic plan. NESC’s strategy calls for a highly talented and broad range of board members who reflect industry, functional, ethnic and gender diversity.  For example, every effort is made to ensure that the sectors of the nonprofit community that NESC serves are addressed, as well as the functional skills that our consultants possess, including finance, human resources, marketing, technology and general management. In this manner, our board members can serve to enhance and reinforce our consultant capabilities.

Gender and ethnic diversity is of great importance at all levels of our organization and is key to our being able to relate effectively to our clients and funders, and to bring a wide variety of perspectives to the challenging work we do in helping to strengthen the management of nonprofit organizations.

Additionally, in order to address some of the core responsibilities of a board member, we seek to identify individuals who have a network of contacts with current and prospective funders and clients.

Finally, we are interested in prospective board members who combine typically a successful career as a business leader with a strong record of contribution and involvement in the nonprofit world.

Recently NESC added 6 new members to our Board of Directors. They each bring some of the attributes mentioned above to NESC, thus strengthening our overall efforts to successfully serve the nonprofit sector.  Read BOT Members PR Release to learn more about the new members.


About National Executive Service Corps

National Executive Service Corps is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering nonprofits since 1977.
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