NESC Sponsors Peer-to-Peer Networks for Board Chairs of Nonprofits

Well-run nonprofits usually have effective and supportive boards. Conversely, weak nonprofits often have less effective boards.  The difference is quite remarkable, and the responsibility of the Board Chair to build an effective board can be complicated.  Many of the challenges faced by an individual Board Chair may already have been experienced by some of his/her peers.

NESC is hosting a series of Roundtables for Board Chairs of nonprofit organizations, offering them the opportunity to meet their peers, discuss challenges, share knowledge – and to do so in a private, collaborative environment facilitated by a knowledgeable and experienced NESC consultant.

These Roundtables meet several times each year and focus on challenges selected by the participants.  These peer-to-peer facilitated sessions are scheduled for New York City, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Among the principle benefits:

  • The peer to peer networking aspect of the Roundtable engenders fellowship and camaraderie among the participants.
  • Participants share information about best practices in governance, and other practical information about effective board management.
  • Participants frequently build broader relationships based upon the introductions that occur at these Roundtables.

Many Board Chairs tell us that they expect to benefit from discussing common challenges and sharing knowledge with their peers.  NESC’s goal, in respect of this initiative, is to help every nonprofit to have an engaged and energized board, effectively supporting the nonprofit in pursuing its mission and thereby improving the quality of life in our communities.

For more information about an upcoming session in your area, please contact us.


About National Executive Service Corps

National Executive Service Corps is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering nonprofits since 1977.
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