New Service Offering for SW CT

Could your board be more effective?
Does your strategic plan guide decision making?
Are board members engaged and their skills being utilized?
Does the board address critical issues effectively?
Is the relationship between Board Chair and ED appropriately balanced?

If your organizations is facing with any of these issues, our new service Board Performance Checkup is right for you.

NESC’s Board Performance Checkup® is an unbiased, diagnostic service that helps nonprofit boards identify areas for improvement. It is an opportunity to clarify roles and responsibilities, reflect on the value the board brings to the organization, and re-energize board members.

• Interpretation of results by NESC’s experienced, objective nonprofit experts
• Board member education regarding board best practices
• Identification of opportunity areas to enhance your board’s effectiveness
• Confidentiality to encourage honest, candid responses
• Analysis within the context of your particular organization
• A channel of communication to re-energize board members

How it Works
NESC consultants will conduct the following four steps:

  1. Interview the Board Chair and the ED individually
  2. Observe a board meeting
  3. Conduct a confidential, on-line board survey, based on established best practices
  4. Present findings at board meeting

The fee for the service is $1,200.

Testimonial square - BPC

Please contact Debbie Brennan to discuss how Board Performance Checkup® can work for your organization. Inquiries can also be submitted here.


About National Executive Service Corps

National Executive Service Corps is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering nonprofits since 1977.
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