Case Study: Cabrini-Eldercare

Raising Branding Awareness with a 70-year-old Nonprofit

Cabrini Eldercare

Cabrini-Eldercare has provided comprehensive eldercare services to its communities for almost 70 years.  These programs include nursing homes, home healthcare, rehabilitation, adult day care, senior housing and immigrant assistance. With such a variety of program offerings, Cabrini-Eldercare aspired to enhance its image among key client and stakeholder groups.

Moreover, Cabrini wished to broaden awareness of the organization’s vital role through a strengthened branding and marketing program. Soon after engaging NESC, the plan to help improve visibility among a community of users, referrers, potential contributors, funders and prospective board members was on its way.

NESC consultants developed in-depth understanding of Cabrini’s current service offerings. In addition to conducting interviews with key players, our consultants also reviewed relevant documentation including history, marketing activities, revenue expectations, and future prospects.  A thorough evaluation produced a competitive review that defined the appropriate parameters necessary for creating a comprehensive marketing/branding plan focused on building broader awareness of Cabrini-Eldercare as a first-rate provider of long-term and other eldercare services.

The program identified target audiences and recommended specific efforts aimed at each.  Building around a brand of “We Love Caring for People,” the consultants, among other things, developed action plans for multi-channel direct mail, website changes, developing ambassadors to the community, and promotional materials, and suggested ways to differentiate individual programs and pursue certain internal changes.

The agenda was enthusiastically accepted and implemented by Cabrini.

Patricia Krasnausky, President and CEO of Cabrini-Eldercare, wrote the following:

“I would like to thank National Executive Service Corps for the wonderful work they did for Cabrini!  After numerous failed attempts with other agencies to develop a brand to elevate Cabrini’s image, we had the good fortune of discovering the high-caliber expertise and professional commitment that the NESC offers to non-profit organizations.”

Subsequently, NESC has completed a Social Enterprise engagement for Cabrini-Eldercare.


About National Executive Service Corps

National Executive Service Corps is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering nonprofits since 1977.
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