Social Enterprise Team Presents at Baruch College

On March 20, NESC conducted its second workshop on Social Enterprise at the annual Nonprofit Consulting Day sponsored by the Baruch College School of Public Affairs’ Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management, and Con Edison.  Our morning session, attended by 34 New York nonprofit organizations, included a presentation titled “Social Enterprise: Strategies for Taking Advantage of Underutilized Assets and Developing Unrestricted Cash Flow.”  In the afternoon the team addressed “Social Enterprise: Organizational Challenges.”  Participating for NESC were Senior Vice Presidents Joe Townsend and Anne Finn, and Coordinator of Consultants Sergio Sedita.

Social Enterprise has become one of NESC’s most dynamic practice sectors. As an attendee wrote, “Your workshop on social enterprise opened my mind to this and other profit making possibilities … I can’t wait to exercise that type of thinking more.”   If you’re interested in learning more, contact Joe Townsend. Here are photos from the day:


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