NESC Staff Spotlight: NESC’s Data Manager Extraordinaire

Yeiry Guevara, NESC's Data Manager Extraordinaire

Yeiry Guevara, NESC’s Data Manager Extraordinaire

Meet Yeiry Guevara: NESC’s Data Manager Extraordinaire

Many NESC consultants may have seen the name Yeiry Guevara and yet, may not be familiar with her. However, they might be more familiar with her work: from all branded email communications, customized project reports, even to all NESC tweets, Yeiry is the person bringing these scenes and more to life.

NESC’s extensive history has produced so much information and Yeiry keeps it all organized and accessible. One of her current projects includes redesigning how information is tracked and shared throughout the organization. The project involved switching from a local database platform in Microsoft Access to a sophisticated web-based CRM system called Salesforce. With the team comprised of a Salesforce Foundation consultant and Regional Director Deb Brennan, Yeiry says “The process has taught me so much about project management, usage models and information flow which has been so rewarding.” The transition has allowed a consolidation and accessibility of all project information into one system. As a result, all sector heads and regional directors are empowered with the same information available in real-time.

In addition to information management, Yeiry designs and delivers all branded online communications such as the newsletters, event invitations, social media and the NESC website. “I wear different hats and each one brings a new opportunity to learn something new in an effort to promote our mission. I’m thrilled to be part of it,” Yeiry shares.

According to NESC President Betsy Weber, “Yeiry is a wonderful addition to NESC.  She helps us update the way we use technology, which has allowed us to streamline many functions, increase our presence on social media, and communicate with clients and consultants more efficiently.  She is a really productive member of the NESC team, is a delight to work with and provides terrific support to every member of the staff.”

Yeiry began working for NESC in December of 2011, following three years at the ESC of Houston. She’s originally from Texas and enjoys photography, vegan baking and independent films.


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4 Responses to NESC Staff Spotlight: NESC’s Data Manager Extraordinaire

  1. Joe Townsend says:


    Very well, deserved, earned, and more.

    Congratulations !!


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Ruth Nelson says:

    There are no words to describe your talents and contributions to NESC and to me personally. Please don’t ever leave us!.

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