Last Word: Letter from Marv Berenblum

Marv Berenblum

Marv Berenblum

CEO of NESC shares insight on role of Executive Search.

The nonprofit community is undergoing a dramatic transition in its staffing requirements. Recent surveys have projected a high turn-over in the leadership ranks of nonprofit organizations over the next few years. Therefore, a premium will be placed on succession planning to identify internal prospects with leadership potential who can be positioned to assume larger leadership roles. But in many instances, nonprofits will seek qualified external candidates for these key positions who possess a demonstrable record of success in providing effective leadership in the nonprofit sector.

NESC is well positioned to address the recruiting needs of nonprofits seeking outstanding leadership talent. We have highly experienced executive search professionals with extensive reach across a wide variety of disciplines, including board work, general management, finance, human resources, administration and operations. An essential ingredient in any successful executive search is the requirement to understand the culture of the client and to match the management style of a prospective candidate with the organizational elements of the client’s work environment. As a nonprofit organization ourselves, we understand well the leadership requirements of this community and the challenges other nonprofits face in today’s difficult financial circumstances.

We are able to tailor our efforts to the search needs of our individual clients because we limit the number of search projects that each of our search executives conducts in a given time frame. We are not interested in the number of assignments we handle, but rather in the quality of the candidates that we submit for consideration by our clients.

The next newsletter will focus on Organizational Assessment.

Marv Berenblum, Chief Executive Officer, NESC


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