Case Study: Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center

Founded in 1947 in the settlement house tradition, Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center (LSNC) serves the Amsterdam Houses and surrounding community on the Upper West Side with a variety of services to children, youth, families and seniors.  The organization supports 2,700 individuals and 1,250 families annually.


LSNC was an excellent candidate to “Beta Test” the newly-developed Organizational Assessment Program which includes a comprehensive questionnaire and a number of hours of consulting time, in which, NESC consultants assist the organization’s staff in working through the questionnaire, perform the analytical work necessary to prioritize needs, arrive at solutions and take action.

A new Executive Director at LSNC recognized a number of challenges facing the organization. National Executive Service Corps was engaged to assist LSNC in focusing on issues and prioritizing future tasks.


The Executive Director of LSNC spent considerable time and effort on our organizational assessment framework.  The follow-up sessions with her and the senior staff opened up discussions by focusing on doable and achievable tasks.  Skills transfer included:

  • How to identify competition
  • Scope out the size/potential size of programs
  • Seek ways to “monetize” existing assets

The staff was able to take ownership, which created excitement in implementing changes, as well as respect and admiration among peers.

NESC consultants Sergio Sedita and Paul O’Neill describe the project as “a two-way street.”  Sergio states that the questionnaire and meetings “not only enabled LSNC’s Executive Director to refine her needs for NESC assistance in directions she had not previously planned, but also provided us valuable feedback.”  Paul indicates that her suggestions did not alter the content of the program, but enabled NESC to tweak its organization and presentation.

Mary B. Mulvihill, Ed.D., Executive Director of Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center­­ shares,”We were extremely pleased with the work that NESC’s consultants did for us. They fully engaged our staff in how they can try to help the center financially and we will implement many of the practical ideas discussed. Furthermore, working with NESC was an extremely pleasant and enjoyable experience, one in which our staff was delighted to take part.”


About National Executive Service Corps

National Executive Service Corps is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering nonprofits since 1977.
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