Last Word: Letter from Betsy Weber

Betsy Weber President

Betsy Weber

President of NESC shares insight on the value of an Organizational Assessment.

Significant changes to the environment in which nonprofits operate seem to happen with a certain regularity. But perhaps no one could have predicted the scale of the shift that is taking place in the social services and healthcare fields. The shift from “fee-for-service” toward an environment of “managed care” means that many nonprofits operating within “the system” will have to adapt. NESC has seen this change impact some of our nonprofit clients fundamentally, particularly in cases where the nonprofits have depended on the historic fee-for-service formula for most of their annual revenues.

To help our clients adjust to this new environment, we are suggesting that they start by assessing their organizational resources to determine if they have the appropriate mix of skills and work practices to succeed in the new environment. Undertaking a rigorous Organizational Assessment is an essential point of departure.  Does the organization have the right people with the right skills in the right place to meet the new expectations?  How will internal processes need to be adjusted to meet the new requirements?  What can the organization do to adjust and succeed in the new environment?

These issues are explored in this newsletter, including two nonprofits that have undertaken organizational assessments and are making the necessary adjustments.  To receive more information on this NESC service or to request a meeting, please contact us. Someone from our professional staff will contact you shortly.


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