Fine Tuning NESC’s Marketing

Marty Mitchell, CMO of Bodden Partners, was the featured speaker at a Consultant Lunch & Learn Session.

Marty Mitchell, CMO of Bodden Partners, was the featured speaker at a Consultant Lunch & Learn Session.

NESC has engaged Bodden Partners, an independent Madison Avenue marketing agency, to revitalize the NESC brand and to develop a program to enhance awareness of NESC among various audiences.

The assignment, which began in January, is supported by a grant from Morris Foundation through the auspices of NESC Senior Vice President Paul Barrett. Paul says that there is an analogy of the story of the shoemaker’s children, “It will be refreshing to have outside eyes critiquing our image.”

NESC President Jane Greenman states, “We hope that the Bodden project will move effectively toward attracting consultants, supporters, and clients.”

A key goal is to stimulate lead generation to build a more vigorous and self-sustaining business. “Since we are resource-restrained, we need to build better capacity to generate business opportunities,” says Paul. He continues, “We hope to develop strategic selling solutions based upon a clearly defined understanding of what makes NESC distinctive and unique, and identify how to transmit that message through the website, social media, public relations efforts, and other media.”

At a recent Consultant Lunch & Learn Session at NESC headquarters, Marty Mitchell, CMO of Bodden Partners, presented the current status for the NESC marketing plan. Since the launch, Bodden has interviewed roughly 30 stakeholders—staff, consultants, clients and funders—to ascertain the “DNA” or essence of NESC. They have also extensively researched the NESC competitive landscape to determine the value propositions of NESC. Combining the essence and value will help to define the messaging for the marketing strategy.


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